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How old do you have to be?
     Must be 13 years or older.  Our crews are made of junior high and high school workers, we only hire adults for supervisory positions.
When do we start work?
     Rouging usually starts around the last week of June and a detasseling season can start anywhere from July 6 through July 10.
How long does the season last?
     Detasseling season usually last around three weeks, but can go into a fourth week.
How much do you pay for Rouging/Detasseling?
     Rouging is paid by the hour.  Detasseling is paid by the row.   The system is still designed to reward teamwork and employees who pay attention to detail.  Exceptional performance and quality work is expected. 
What time do we start?
     The workday starts in the field at 5:45 or 6:00 a.m.  Different crews will have different pick-up locations and different times.          
Where do you pickup and drop-off?
     Schuyler, Elkhorn and North Bend.  Pick up time is prompt and we expect everyone to be in place ready to load the bus at least 10 minutes in advance.  Drop-off is at the same place as pick up.  The length of the days do vary, but we usually have a good idea of how long our work day will be by the end of the previous day, so we can inform employees as to when we will be returning to the bus site.
Where are the fields located?
     Beebe Seed Farms fields are located approximately five miles East of North Bend right off of Hwy 30 and all of our fields are within five miles of each other.  We are approximately 10-15 minutes from Fremont. 
Who do we work for?
     You are hired by and work for NBS Detasseling a company out of Seward that has been in the detasseling business for over 30 years.
Lunch, Snacks and Water?
     Each employee is responsible for their own lunches, snacks and water.  We recommend packing a large lunch with lots of snacks, something that will not spoil on the bus, and at least a gallon jug of water.  Beebe Seed Farms also provides water.
     Some of the fields are located on the homestead, employees can use facilities located in the shop at the farm, otherwise there are portables located in the fields.
What type of Clothing/Shoes do we need?
      We recommend dressing in layers.  An old t-shirt under something long-sleeved and long pants with shorts underneath.  The mornings can be wet with dew, this can cause you to get cold before the sun gets higher in the sky, but by afternoon long sleeves and pants can be too hot.  Hats and bandannas can be worn to help protect the head and face.  An old pair of tennis shoes works the best since you will be doing a lot of walking.  We do not recommend work boots because they will get too heavy and sandals/flip flops are not allowed due to the feet being exposed to the elements of the fields.

     Since weather conditions change quickly, we will work in the rain.  If there is lightning we will pull the crew out of the fields and wait it out or leave the area if it is unsafe.
How many days a week do we work?
     Count on working six days a week.  Since this is agriculture, you may be asked to work one maybe two Sundays during the third or fourth week of detasseling season.
Inappropriate language/behaviors on the crew?
     Beebe Seed Farms seeks to provide a positive and safe work environment for our employees.  Inappropriate language, behavior or harassment of any type will not be tolerated while working in a Beebe Seed Farms field.
Smoking Policy?
     Beebe Seed Farms is a NO Smoking facility.
What paperwork do we need?
     All applications will need to go through NBS Enterprises, please contact them at 402-642-4429 or click the link below for more information.  Please understand that they except a large number of applications, so filling out your paperwork in a timely manner and legible is extremely important in the hiring process.  When it comes down to it, the persons who followed instructions and paid attention to details will get the job over someone who does not have the completed application in.  Detasseling is ALL about the details, so your application should be too.
How will I know I have the job?
      NBS has a limited number of positions available, so the earlier you get your application and all the documents in the better chance you have.  NBS will contact each individual that has been hired.
When will I be paid?
     Please contact NBS Detasseling for more information.